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In accordance with current government Covid 19 restrictions and BMFA guidelines the rules and times for attending the flying field and building room are no longer restricted and the normal club rules apply. However rather than use the sign in book at the field, the below online system will be maintain for members to log their flying at the field.


  1. No restrictions on members attending the field with a maximum of 4 flying at a time.
  2. Flying times for non-quiet models (glow/petrol/ducted fan etc) in slots as follows
    1. Tuesday 10:00 to Dusk – Max 4 hours
    2. Wednesday 10:00 to dusk – Max 4 hours
    3. Thursday 10:00 to 18:00 – Max 4 hours plus additional evening session 18:00 to dusk
    4. Friday 10:00 to dusk – Max 4 hours
    5. Saturday 10:00 to dusk – no limit
    6. Sunday 10:00 to 14:00
    7. Monday No flying (except Bank Holidays 10am to dusk)
  3. Note the above times apply to non-quiet models, small quiet models, e.g. hand or bungee launch gliders, electric gliders, other quiet electric powered models can be flown outside the 4 hour time limit. Rules for flying areas apply to all models including those listed here.
  4. Flying slots to be logged on the Flying Log Calendar below as follows
    1. Members to record either when they plan to fly at the field, or complete the online log within 12 hours of having flown at the field
    2. Pilots under training to liaise with instructor on attending the field
    3. Graham Humm and Frank Skilbeck will administer the system. So if you wish to amend or record a slot and can’t, then get in touch with either Graham or Frank.
    4. Put you Name and time when will be flying so others can see who is at the field.
    5. The appointments are password protected and the password is on the e-mail sent to all members
    6. Members should follow the rules regarding Covid precautions as per current Government guidelines.


  1. Building room sessions are 7-9pm Monday and Thursday (if no flying on Thursday evenings due to weather)
  2. Members should follow the Centres Covid Precautions (posted in the centre).

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