Covid 19 – update 24th May

In line with them latest updates to the Covid restrictions guidelines please note the following

  1. Flying field – latest restrictions allow upto 30 people to meet outdoors, so this effectively takes the limit off the flying field. As we rarely have more than 8 at the field at a time, we will increase the field limit to 15 as this will adequately cover us and any more would lead to parking problems etc. The online booking system on the Site Reservations tab should still be used, this way members can check how many are going to be at the field and decide for themselves if they want to go down the field before leaving home.
  2. Building Room – we are now allowed to have upto 6 persons meeting indoors, so the Monday and Thursday building room sessions will recommence. Again we will use the booking system so members can book themselves in.

Also there are a lot of 35 mhz transmitters, plus one NIB 2 channel 40 mhz Tx and Rx (ideal for a car/boat) in the room, these are free to anyone who’d like to take one, ideal for using on a flight simulator or just a bit of nostalgia. If they don’t go within a couple of weeks we will be disposing of them. There are also quite a few 2 stroke glow engines .25 upto 25cc, some NIB too, so if anyone is looking for an IC engine then get in touch and I can advise what we’ve got.